Are there anything you wan to know more about

1.Why is free of charge? is put into effect on the cooperation with universities from all over the world and get funded by them if we assist them to enroll students. Therefore, is able to help students to apply college and university for free, in the mean while, our company is keep developing and growing. That is how run.

2.What is DIY application platform?

Changing times and developing society cause Information Age arrived which is good because it helps the traditional industries move on-line.” is subordinate to Ei Education and be derived by Ei study, as a self-service study abroad application cloud, also known as DIY application, it means to comprehend the oversea education information and apply the oversea institutions though the online application platform. In addition, “Abroad me” can support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

3. It is easy for us to DIY our study abroad application?

Student can create their own profile in“”then participant the online evaluation, IELTS test, TOEFL test, GPA calculation and matching out the fitness recommended institutions, follow by our foreign consultant will track the whole application process, start by developing a proper scheme, application documents guideline then school&visa application, and guarantee 100% honesty and timely feedback to the applicants.

4.Will or will not charge extra fee by school, colleges or universities if students apply through

Tuition fee, register fee, visa fee and any other fee that need to be payed are exactly the same amount of schools, colleges and universities request. There are two ways to confirm the tuition fee; 1. Log in to schools’ official website; 2. Call the school admission office. So there will be not to pay extra fee to school, colleges or universities if students apply through