Abroad.me Service Agreement:

Customer should read and observe the “Abroad.me Service Agreement” (below will be written as “this agreement”) and “Privacy protection Statement”. Please carefully read and fully understand the conditions, especially absolution or limitation liability terms, and the individual condition to turn on or access the specific service. Absolution or limitation liability terms may use the bold type to get your attentions.
Unless you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions, otherwise you have no right to access the services that Abroad.me offer. Once you start to access the services that Abroad.me provide, it will means you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions.

1.[Extent of Agreement]

1.1 This agreement will and only can be used between Abroad.me and the customers are going to access the services that Abroad.me provided. ”Abroad.me” is specific to the sub-company of Singapore Ei Holdings Pte Ltd’s Oversea Education Institutions - Abroad.me and the related services that offered by other operation departments or companies. ”User” is specific to the people to apply the relevant services and will be called “you” under this agreement.

1.2 The service under this agreement is specific to offer the services to you, the service here is include but not limit to study abroad application, visa application and soon on (will be named “this service ”below).

1.3 This agreement is include the “Privacy protection Statement” at the same time, when you access to one specifically service, the “Privacy protection Statement” will may have another individual agreement and regulation of related operation(named as “individual agreement”). It will become indivisible of this agreement once the individual agreement have been published, and you should observe. When you agree to accept the regulations or the individual agreement that mentioned above will be see as agree to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.


2.1 All the information and diagram is under the China’s laws & regulations and relevant international conditions on the protection of copyright. It is not allow to copy, share or any other use to access all or partial of the content without “Abroad.me” permission. Reuse any content or diagram in any purpose is forbidden. Content or diagram that have not modify will be allow to access to offline information and non-business use with the permission of “Abroad.me”

2.2 With the permission of “Abroad.me” and allow to copy, share or any other use to access the relevant information of “Abroad.me”, the information should be mark or announce that it is from “Abroad.me” and/or any related third party that have or own the specific content.

2.3 Apply the permission to use any content from “Abroad.me” is follow by one by one application regulation. “Abroad.me” is welcome the user to apply. “Abroad.me” have complete copyright of the icons, photos, diagrams, colors, verbal expression and its combination, layout, data base and complete right of its derived, also “Abroad.me” have the right of publish and use to its published information.

3.[Fee-based services]

3.1 During the study abroad application process, “Abroad.me” will charge applicant relevant fee or deposit except partial business. Besides, it will assist to charge fee from third party if necessary. Deposit will be returned after the whole application or services. Terms, conditions, policies and any other contents will according to the contract you sign with our company.

3.2 When “Abroad.me” need to pay for the third party fee such as, application fee, visa fee, school deposit, postage will inform you in time. If you willing to pay for the relevant content or fee by your own, however any dispute, argument because of paid less, did not pay or late paid, our company will responsible for nothing.

3.3 Partial of “Abroad.me” service will be charged, if you need to apply this kind of services, please observe relevant agreement.

3.4 “Abroad.me” will change and modify the fee scale, charging method base on actual requirement, “Abroad.me” have the right to modify partial services from charge fee to charging. Before any change or modify that mentioned, “Abroad.me” will notice or announce on the relevant pages. If you are not accept any changing or modification, please stop using relevant services.

4.[Validation and Alteration]

4.1 It will be consider you accept this agreement when you start to access any Abroad.me services

4.2 Abroad.me have complete right to modify the terms and condition of this agreement, you can consult the updated version of this agreement at the relevant pages.

4.3 If you continue to use the service from Abroad.me after the modification of this agreement, it will be consider you have accepted this modified agreement. If not, please stop using the services from Abroad.me.

5.[Alteration, Interruption, Termination of service]

5.1 Abroad.me have the right to modify the service content, also may alter, interrupt or terminate the services

5.2 Abroad.me have the right to interrupt or terminate the service without further notice if any situations happen below:

(1)Any real information that ruled by law is not match the information that you provide or/and registered information diverge and do not have any reasonable proof.

(2)Violate any relevant law or regulation or terms&conditions of this agreement.

(3)According to any relevant law and regulation or request from competent authorities.

(4)For safety reason or any other concern.

5.3 If you have fee should pay and do not fully pay timely, Abroad.me have the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate to provide service.

5.4 You should respond to save the data during the service process. If your service have been terminated, Abroad.me will delete your data permanently, and our company have no obligation to return your data.

6.[User Illegal Activities]

6.1 During you access the services from Abroad.me, you cannot involve any illegal activities by using Abroad.me or the services from Abroad.me, including but not limited to:

(1)Violate the basic principles from constitution;

(2)Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subversion of state power,undermine the state unity;

(3)Harming national honor and interests;

(4)Provoking the resentment, discrimination and unity among the nationalities;

(5)Destroy the country's religious policy, promote cults and feudal superstition;

(6)Information that disseminates rumors, disturbs social order, or undermines social stability;

(7)Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terrorism or abetting the crime;

(8)Insulting or slander others or impairing the legal right of others;

(9)Inciting unlawful assembly, association, procession and demonstration, and organizing a mob to disturb social order;

(10)Illegal activities in the name of the non-governmental organizations;

(11)Containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

6.2If you violate this agreement, relevant national institution or department may file a lawsuit, fine punishment or any other sanction measures and ask Abroad.me for support. You should pay for the compensation if cause damage, Abroad.me will not respond for anything.

6.3 If abroad.me find out or receipt a report that the information you published have violated the agreement, Abroad.me have a right to judge independently to exercise technical measures to delete, block or unlink. In the meanwhile, Abroad.me have the right to exercise including but not limited to suspend or terminate the services, restrict, freeze, investigated for legal responsibility according to law and so on.

6.4 Once you violate this agreement and cause harm to third party and/or Abroad.me has suffer loss at the same time, you should take your own responsibility.

7.[Exception Clause]

7.1 Abroad.me may not monitor the website at all times, however, we reserve the rights to monitor at any times. To those documents are not pubilshed by Abroad.me, we will not take any responsibility.

7.2 Abroad.me will offer some link out and convenient to the users, however, Abroad.me do not guarantee its accuracy, security and integrity, does not mean those linking out have been approval by Abroad.me also. Therefore, the user should confirm the link out is right for you before you access to it and Abroad.me will responsible for nothing if cause any damage or loss.

7.3 You must understand and agree that: government prohibition, modification of law or regulation, fire hazard, earthquake, turmoil, war, power off, interruption of communication circuits, hacker attack, computer virus or telecom sector adjustment or any regulation will cause the temporary suspension of Abroad.me and affect the operation or any force majeures including sabotaging, carelessness or improper use of Abroad.me staff, normal system maintain, system update and the network congestion lead to Abroad.me cannot be accessed, information&date delay, stagnate, error will or will not cause loss or damage of users, Abroad.me will not reponsible for anything.

PS:Abroad.me reserves the right of final interpretation for this agreement !