Functions of

The Function of can be divided into four parts: Library of Schools, Ranking, Abroad Community, Abroad Tools

1.Library of Schools

Including six different nation pages of Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Each page is contain of the latest information of the country, Universities and Colleges introduction, Major, Guideline and Shared Stories. Student is easy to check all the details they need in relevant pages and to apply their dream schools, colleges or universities, also, they can key in some personal information of their own, after that will evaluate and analyze the success rate of enrollment.

2. Ranking

In this part, will show everyone the updated ranking of colleges and universities of Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand from different world-class ranking list, such as QS Ranking, TIMES Ranking, U.S NEWS Ranking. It helps student to local the rank of target colleges or universities and to provide value reference.

3.Abroad Community

Abroad Community is separated from different modules: Abroad Question, Abroad Information, Abroad Guideline, Abroad Story.

3.1Abroad Question

Abroad Question is a Q&A information and communication platform. All the questions will be labeled smartly to help search engine local to relevant questions and find out the answer to some common problems easily. Providing a simply and fast Q&A platform and solve the problem quickly. Students can also share their own experience and comments in here.

3.2 Abroad information

Students and parents can find out the later information of countries and colleges, to offer a convenience way to understand overseas study dynamics and help student to make a decision easier.

3.3 Abroad Guideline

Abroad Guideline is a dictionary for the flow of three steps to study abroad, including common application process, top universities and major recommendation, Visa application, notice for interview, cost of overseas study and scholarship application in order to provide a common knowledge and information as a reference for student who want to study abroad.

3.4 Abroad Story.

Abroad story will display the secret of how assist student to gain the dream offer.

4.Abroad Tools

Abroad tools is contain with online evaluation, TOEFL Test, IELTS Test, GPA Calculator, Common Question and Real-time currency exchange rate.

Online evaluation: assist help to evaluate the intention and major.

TOEFL Test: Update TOEFL Exam paper timely and forecast the English level

IELTS Test:Update IELTS Exam paper timely and forecast the English level

GPA Calculator: help student to convert their GPA the decide the objective college or universities.

Common Question: summarizing all the common question of overseas study.

Real-time currency exchange rate: help students and parents to estimate the expense of study abroad, comprehend the real-time exchange rate and minimum the cost.