Privacy protection Statement

Information Collection:

You should knew and accepted that, will record your relevant personal information which is necessary for your to access the service when you register or apply the services, such as, your name, phone number, we will guarantee that all the users’ privacy that your create, and once you start to create your personal profile, it will means you have accepted this statement. In the meanwhile, will collect some datum,for example, what is the most popular part that you always visit, which service have been served to most people in order to help us to improve customers’ experience. We will use all the datum in a general way, it will help us to confirm what is the most beneficial to our user, and we can decide how to improve and develop our services, also help us to create a better environment to our user.

Information Management:

To provide you a better service or product, will use your personal date base on the situations below:

1)Request of relevant laws & regulations;

2)Authorized by you;

3)Base on the relevant terms&conditions, approval of this agreement.

Besides, you should knew and accepted that we may push some notifications about to you in the future within the permission of laws®ulations and it is including but not limited to:To display or offer the advertisement and promotion information on the website ; Recommended services or products information of services or products that you may interested base on the relevant services or products that you apply The shared information that authorized by you will not transfer or disclosure any personal information to any irrelevant third party, unless:

(1)Authorized by users;

(2)Request from relevant laws®ulations;

(3)Request from competent authorities;

(4)For the protection of public social benefit purpose.

Protection of information: will try the best to protect all the users’ personal information. To prevent the personal data been illegal accessed, copied ,modified, transfered , lost, damaged or any other unexpected action in a accidental or without authorization situation, will continue to protect your personal information by following measures:

1)Encrypt your personal information in a proper way.

2)Protect your personal information with password in proper location.

3)Limitation of accessing to personal information

4)Backstage of website will be record your log in password.

5)Other reasonable actions. still cannot guarantee your personal information will be completely safe although we have take all the reasonable and effective actions and observe the relevant laws®ulations. Therefore, you must understand and agree that you should take some active measures to protect your personal information from revealing ,such as: change your password constantly, do not disclose your information, user name, password to others.

PS: will not respond to deleted or failure save of the published information, massages, News by users. In addition, will not guarantee retain the saved user information indefinitely.

Modification of privacy protection have the right to modify any terms & conditions of “Privacy Protection Statement”, and we will published the “Privacy Protection Statement” after modification once it happen, and it will consider have noticed you that we have updated “privacy protection statement”. is also able to modify the content in other proper way, if you cannot accept the modified part of this statement, you should stop applying the serive, it means you have accepted the modified terms&conditions of this agreement once you continue to use