Workplace: Singapore,Guangzhou

Job Responsibilities:

1、Answering customer calls and questions from online customer.

2、Follow up the assigned CRM customers ,to understand customer related background to study abroad.

3、Receiving customers interview and offering professional consultant service.

4、Based on the situation of customers and enrollment policy of oversea insitution, figure out an proper study abroad scheme.

5、Help customers to prepare study abroad documents.

Job Requirements:

1、1-2years experience as overseas consultant (overseas study background will be better); Bachelor degree or above, no major requirement, CET Brand 4 or above, proficiency in listening and speaking.

2、Enthusiasm in this industry, passion, careful and responsibility;

3、Be able to speak proper Mandarin, good in expression and communication. Fast learner, able to master professional knowledge within the required time.;

4、Strong adaptability, can handle stress from work, Initiative in work and independently, also strong desire for success.


1、Design and write promotion plan; document draft.

2、 Compose promotion and advertise document .

3、 Compose paperwork of media and advertisement.

4、 Compose original article from Wechat and Weibo.

5、 Regularly update industry information.

6、 New media soft text and advertisement infromation collection and systemize; Job assigned by supervisor.

Job Requirements:

1、Major in Chinese Language & Literature, Journalism or Media, College diploma or above.

2、Having related working experience prior.

3、Good Writing skills.

4、Proficiency in office software.

5、Responsible and positive.

New media operations:


1、Capture the study abroad industry hot spots at home and abroad,edit quality content,and promote through new media(such as: WeChat subscription).

2、By effective operation to enhance the popularity and image of official social media accounts.

3、Work content is including but not limited to: text writing, fan operation, organizing activities, fan interaction, etc.

4、Promote the cooperation with all kinds of social media platforms and activities。


1、Understand the Internet culture and basic technique of network interactive marketing.Familiar with the weibo, WeChat, post bar, Douban and other social media communication rule.

2、Strong ability of text writing,familiar with the Internet language, accurately grasp the audience's mentality,be able to write quality soft text and conforms to the market need.

3、Have aesthetic ability in picture,Strong knowledge of image processing like pictures and illustrations.

4、Have basic cognitive on popular trends in the study abroad industry .

5、Familiar with the operation of community fan, innovation,have strong creative executive force.

6、Have strong learning ability, excellent communication skill and spirit of teamwork.

7、College Degree or above,major in marketing,journalism,communications or advertising are prefered.

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