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As students prepare for their study abroad journey, many if not most prestigious schools often requires a certain level of English proficiency. Younger international students would have to provide their English grades while students who plan to apply for the Universities would have to provide certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

Typical Academic Pathway and English Language Requirements

requires :
iELTS Score 6.0
tOEFL Score 80
PTE score 45

requires :
iELTS Score 7.0
tOEFL Score 100
PTE score 66

course Features

What we focus on?


A wide range of listening materials for extraction of meaningful information.


Speak fluently, retell, describe and respond confidently in a verbal interaction.


Reading aloud, comprehending and extracting information from a range  of different texts.


Summarizing written texts and writing well-structured essays.

Benefits Of The Course

Regular Practice Tests

Students are prepared for Academic English test in class by learning test taking techniques and practicing model tests which enables the students to take the test more readily.

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes are small to give individualised support and guidance to students. A well-qualified and experienced English teacher will assist the students through the program.

Regular Feedback

The PTE Preparation class consistently measures student’s English language ability, across the components of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing; and regular feedback is provided to the student on their progress.

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